NEWS | Calling All Designers: Next Gen Design Competition

Metropolitan Magazine is looking for a design superhero. Could it be you?

Rising energy costs present new design problems”

– Metropolis Magazine

It’s a competition challenging us to “redesign the broken models of the 20th century. Challenge our patterns of living and working in a fuel-hungry world…come up with solutions that connect us, make us more efficient, more humane.

Ask yourself…
How would I bring work closer to home?
Can a product help eliminate long commutes?
What can I do to revitalize old ideas such as living above the store?
What kind of interiors or furnishings does a telecommuter really need?
Or follow your own dreams…what calls out for a major redesign?

Focus on one area that needs fixing—products, interiors, buildings and landscape, communication systems, or anything else you can imagine—and develop your idea fully.

The competition is open to all designers in practice 10 years or less. For details on this and other design competitions visit Metropolis Magazine.

2 Responses to “NEWS | Calling All Designers: Next Gen Design Competition”

  1. Michelle says:

    “In light of the uncertain residential housing market and slowing commercial construction and design projects, redesign and rehabilitation rather than new construction in both the commercial and residential sectors is likely to receive renewed focus. In blending economy with performance, interior designers will need to focus on creative solutions and cost-effective ways to meet clients’ goals in these challenging economic times,” said ASID Executive Director Michael Alin.

  2. juliet says:

    I love all kind of (FASHION) competitions, bu ti hate taking part on them. The results are always pretty.


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