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FASHION | Project Runway's Saturn Challenge

When faced with constraints, a designer sometimes becomes more creative. This is definitely true for me, and I suspect true for a few of the Season Five designers on Project Runway. In last week’s episode Fashion that Drives You, designers were challenged to fashion an outfit from car parts — a Saturn VUE Hybrid to be exact. Maybe too many designers reached straight for the seatbelts, but some really took fashion from driveable to wearable. Check it out…

Korto wowed the likes of Michael Kors, Heidi Klum, and guest judge Rachel Zoe with her woven coat-dress made from recycled glimmery seatbelts. Rachel Zoe was jonesing to take it out for a personal test drive.

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LONDON FASHION WEEK | Esthetica 2008

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This year’s Esthetica Show brought together an impressive set of designers pushing the envelope of style and sustainability. But after spending a week on Google hunting for runway photos and coming up embarrassingly short, I have to wonder just how seriously the fashion world is taking the idea of ethically conscious fashion? With the exception of Dame Vivienne Westwoods’ collection at Paris Fashion Week, it seems all of the eco fashion shows that opened New York Fashion Week and graced London made little to no headlines in the press. It seems that star power won’t even get you press since Michael Kors, Diane von Furstenburg, Doo.Ri, and Yves Saint-Laurent got no love from Elle, Vogue or even the New York Times for their first forays into eco fashion.

If any of you fabulous readers have sources to photos or videos of the Esthetica Show, puhlease let us know! In the meantime, here’s the rundown of participating designers that caught my eye based on collections shown on their websites. Enjoy!

Beyond Skin – Heavenly heels that are va-va-voom vegan. A favorite of Natalie Portman.

Fin – This Scandinavian label is new to me. Their spring collection is filled with soft, white organic jersey dresses and sleek black jackets. Behind the scenes their cotton is organic and fairly-traded, while their manufacturing is carbon neutral.

From Somewhere – One-of-a-kind boho-chic dresses inspired from rescued fabrics.

Junky Styling – Deconstructed and reconstructed into urban-chic clothing, Junky Styling is a pioneer in the art of recycled style.

Mark Liu – Ok, first I’d wear everything in his collection. Liu’s commitment to “zero waste” construction has led to the creation of new techniques that turn remnants into remarkable details.

Noir – Founder Peter Ingwersen’s label continues to deliver marvelous midnight-colored pieces made with sustainably farmed sub-Saharan cotten. Check out previous collections from Fall 2007 and Spring 2007

Viridis Luxe – Form flattering garments made from “haute” hemp and cashmere. From the photos, the pieces drape gracefully like a sensual second skin.

PARIS FASHION WEEK | Vivienne Westwood's Collection of Wild Things

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Some designers push the limits. Dame Vivienne Westwood blows them up. At Paris Fashion Week showcased Vivienne Westwood’s collection was colorful, wild and childlike and — eco outrageous. How’s that for a new term?

It all began with a letter mailed to the the queen of punk fashion from an elementary school class in Nottingham, England. Westwood not only wrote back, but knowing how imaginative children are, offered an art assignment that would turn into the unexpected opportunity of co-designing her Fall 2008 collection.

Westwood challenged the students to think into the future, and paint for her their ideas of what an eco-warrior would look like:

imagine soldiers who had been fighting in the jungle but when the war was over had so fallen in love with nature that they decided not to go back to the city.”

Who else but an eight-year old would grab a brush and paint straightaway on a yard of silk? While Westwood experimented with silhouettes, the kids experimented with print and pattern. Catch the show, the interviews with Westwood, the students and their teacher below.


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Thanks to One Tiny Spark for the find, and the Lohasian for the video link.